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Update 20/10/2008 8.15pm GMT – a free PDF download is now available for this pattern. I’ve hopefully made a few of the instructions a little clearer, and have tidied up the formatting.

9.41pm GMT – Noticed two lines missing from PDF! Now reinstated and updated (and sworn at).
21/10/2008 – Hopefully that’s it, because not only were two lines missing, the whole section for the ears had vanished too. That’s also now reinstated, and the new link is below.

—->Click here to download<—-

The small/child’s size pattern is now available, here on my blog, and here as a PDF download

Update – extra info on seaming can be found in this blog post –

Bokaclava revisited


By way of a brief explanation – Bok is a gargoyle/demon in a classic Doctor Who story called ‘The Daemons’. My partner, mere weeks after we first met, asked me if it would…

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